Sunday, 18 September 2005

Blogging Night

Well, I haven't posted for a week. I was lazy. Not only was I lazy, but I didn't have internet as well for 2 days. It just suddenly went offline and I couldn't get it back, although I do know something about computers and networks. I called my provider and they would send a repairman within 3 working days. Happily a man came on Friday and checked it all. The problem was outside at the street cable-box. My connector was rotten and he had to replace it. Didn't know those things could get rotten, but ok, I have internet again. So now I have to do some serious blogging as I don't want you out there to miss anything of my very exciting life! (lol)
Just came back from the cinema. Went to see the late night movie Red Eye. Nothing very spectacular, but worth mentioning as for the first time a field hockey stick has a prominent place in the movie, mainly to be used as a weapon of defense! Don't know who manages the prop-department over there, but it was a very old model... ;) Anyway, it's at least a good example that you can't mess with field hockey players! :)

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