Saturday, 10 September 2005


It has been a slow week. Not much to tell, not much to offer. Did the usual stuff I normally do (this is double). Hockey, hockey and more hockey (and I still love the game), some reading, some games, some movies, lots of sleeping, listening music, eating, doing the dishes, doing my laundry, kidnaping a cat, drinking coffee with friends, emailing (spent way too many hours doing that), posting comments on blogs (also spent way too many hours doing that), a little chatting, some finances and very few calls.
My life in a nutshell, isn't it wonderful and adventurous? :-)


tamale said...

so you're having a lull. your life is still more exciting than loads of people. and can I mention that I hate the word verification thing on this site before you can post your comment?

wagner said...

um, you kidnapped a cat? lol! you're nuts.


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