Sunday, 4 September 2005


Well, the field hockey season starts again or for some has already started, so from tomorrow on I'll give training again at 3 different clubs, with 11 teams in total. I already had a big problem with one of my clubs, as before the summerbreak it was agreed upon that Jeroen (a colleague and friend) and I would keep the same teams. On Friday we received an email that we would only be doing the youngest teams. Besides that this was not as agreed upon, it's also the most horrifying job for me. I don't like to train the very young youth: I prefer more age 15 till 18. That group already posses some skills, vision and stamina and I can simply do more with them and it's more fun. So now I have to train till 12/13 with is mostly practicing the basics like hitting and stuff.
So we sent an angry email to the trainers-coordinator to ask for clarification. He replied that he didn't know anything about what was agreed upon (possible, as he's new) and that they have a new trainer from Argentina, who doesn't speak Dutch and only little English. So for communication reasons, he was given the older teams. Do I have to mention that we don't really care? We were not asked, we had an agreement and we are longer at the club, so figure it out...

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