Thursday, 29 September 2005

New scar

How are you doing on this fine and sunny day? Hope you are doing alright? I’m doing fine, although I got a little injured last Sunday while playing a hockey match. Some idiot tried a backhand hit, but unfortunately his technique wasn’t that good and his hockey stick hit me right above my left eyebrow. Didn’t even hurt that much, but it bled a lot (according to others: I was lying on the ground with my eyes closed). Spend 2.5 hours in hospital and they glued the wound. Didn’t need stitches, but it will leave a small scar (2 or 3 cm). Well, guess it will make me more handsome. :-) Other than that I am doing fine...


tamale said...

You told me to buzz you if I need sex.


lol. hope it does NOT scar too badly though.

wagner said...

hey you, good to see you around. about the radio-

you can download the radio here:

follow the instructions. you'll need a server to host it and all of your songs though.

good luck with it.


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