Sunday, 18 September 2005


I have to thank my parents for raising me well and teaching me manners. Nowadays, if I look around I see a lot of people that simply don't have any manners at all and I'm surprised by it. Didn't their parents teach them that? Is it old-fashioned? Are they rebellious? Or is it just stupidity? I wonder...

On Monday I took the train to Eemsmond to coach hockey. Someone left his can and paper on an edge. It could fall or something, but if someone would go and sit on that edge, they would kick it off, it would fall and just lay there. So I picked it up and put it in the trashcan, just 5 meters away. On Thursday I parked my bike to enter the postoffice and 2 bikes were already lying on the ground. So I picked them up and put them straight again. Tonight I saw 2 guys taking a leak against a shop's wall. Being at a square with a lot of pubs and clubs, it's not the most bright thing to do, as you can just enter them and go to the toilet there. So I made a remark and got a angry answer back. I'm not the strongest of people, but I do say what I think and sometimes take a risk with that. I'm the guy that separates his trash, the guy that keeps it trash with him till he finds a trashcan and doesn't throw anything on the street. I answer and speak with 2 words, I use the polite-form when talking to older people, I don't burp or use offensive language in public (although the first is in some countries considered to be polite after dinner), I apologize when I do something wrong or bump into people, I open/hold doors for women, let them go first, let people pass in line and don't get upset when someone does something wrong.

I am not saying I am a saint, not at all, as I have my faults as well, but I do have manners. It would be nice if more people had them.

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