Sunday, 25 September 2005


I don't have a clue what to write about, but I do have to fill some paper (or screen in this case), so I just start writing and will see where it ends.
My life is at the moment not the most exciting one. I go to university, am on the hockey field 12 hours a week and that's bout it. Nothing exciting happens. The occasional job as a driver, sometimes a meeting for the National Students Skiing Championships (of which I am the treasurer) and that's about it. My friends are all busy with work and Masters and when they have time to meet for a drink or dinner, I am on the field coaching hockey. The only evenings I have available are the Wednesday and Friday and the weekends, but these evenings don't seem the most appropriate ones to do something. My friends go out of town and the rest doesn't call me. Usually I'm the one that has to do to calling and arranging. So tonight I sat on the couch, watched a movie and now am doing a little typing. Isn't a wonderful life? pfffffff. Tomorrow I'll go to the field and watch some matches of 2 teams I train. That if I can get out of bed. Today I was so lazy that I only got out very, very late. Not really my style, but ok. God, I wish something was happening or that I have some other job to put my energy and creativity in.

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