Tuesday, 6 September 2005

So funny

Some things are just too funny to be true.

Today I received a read-confirmation from the International Board of ELSA. See below:

Ditt meddelande Till: pretorian@planet.nl Ämne: The Usual Skickat: 24.12.2003 17:53lästes den 6.9.2005 20:29.

Well, although the official ELSA language is English, I get something back in a Nordic language. Doesn't seem too professional to the corporate sponsors, if they request a read-confirmation as well. That was avtually not the funny part, more a bit irritation. :-) What is funny, is the date I presumably sent the email. 2003!!! I don't remember at all anymore what I sent, but I guess communication isn't the IB's strongest point... :-)

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