Sunday, 18 September 2005

Working night

Yesterday I had to work. Not so very exciting you would think, but this job was something special. Not the usual driving, but a (valet) parking at a yacht-club. A client from KPMG celebrated his 40th birthday and hired our company to provide the parking and security. Being this a side-job, it's fun to do. So we headed with 5 to the club and provided the parking directions for the guests and the occasional valet parking for some guests that wanted their car being put away. I acted as coordinator for this job, as I was in charge of mega-projects before like several openings of the Groninger Museum this and last year and the transportation (and driving) of former Russian president Gorbatsjov when he opened an exhibition here in Groningen. Driving him was a special thing, but making sure that 400 guests have their cars parked smoothly, as well. Yesterday was just 60 cars and most guests parked themselves, but we provided the directions, told them where to park and accompanied them to the club.
It's an expensive area with Porsches (sadly this guy wanted to park his brand new Carrera S himself), Bentley Continentals, Aston Martins, Mercedes' and Volvo's. So it was nice to see what all came by. Being with 4 other drivers we only had 2 subjects we talked about that night: cars and women. Odd isn't it? :)
It was a good night; we got a lot of compliments of doing a good job (although we got only 4€ tip in total...), met some nice people (owners of Gant, McGregor and Dreesman), saw a lot of nice cars and (young) women going home with (older) men. It wasn't good to see that some people that were so drunk, still got in their cars and drove themselves. We offered to drive them (as that is what we (being private drivers) normally do, but only 2 accepted. One guy, who arrived in an Aston Martin DB7 Convertible, left the club with 2 ladies and headed off in their Beetle Cabriolet, all being totally wasted. We left Groningen at 4.15pm and got back at 4.15pm, long day, but good.

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